National Air Vibrator Company® is a manufacturer of pneumatic piston industrial vibrators, truck vibrators, foundry vibrators, vibratory flow aid systems and vibratory equipment such as vibrating tables and railcar shakers.

NAVCO® specializes in applied vibration and vibratory equipment designed to assist in the handling, processing and packaging of dry bulk solid material.  When it comes to industrial vibrators... NAVCO®
products proactively solve material flow problems for our customers.

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NAVCO®  Products offered by Gulf-Atlantic Industrial Equipment:

Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

NAVCO® industrial vibrators are proven in many applications such as baghouses and dust collection, coal fired power plant bunkers and chutes, and in storage vessels for breaking bridges and rat holes in dry bulk materials.

BH (Bin Hopper) model pneumatic vibrators are available in 8 sizes for small to heavy duty industrial applications. NAVCO® linear air vibrators offer easy, non-invasive installation and provide reliable material flow solutions.

Ball vibrators are most commonly used as discharge flow aids on small to medium-size bins, hoppers and chutes. They are used in a variety of applications within the chemical, foundry and concrete industries.

Used for both flow aids and vibratory equipment drives, NAVCO Electromechanical vibrators come in over 50 models that deliver 150 to 27,000 pounds of centrifugal force.

A premium quality electromechanical vibrator, ready for the most rugged of industrial applications.

NAVCO BH Model pneumatic piston vibrators for dump truck beds aid in the discharge of transported bulk materials via the trucking industry. Truck vibrators are also used for Volumetric Concrete Mixers and Gunite Trucks.

HCP hopper car pneumatic vibrators are ideal for unloading dry bulk material from bottom dump railcars. The universal mounting head of the HCP fits all dovetail brackets found on hopper cars.

NAVCO® manufactures a complete line of portable pneumatic hopper car vibrators for rail car and other portable industrial applications. The Navco HCP model vibrator is designed to provide reliable and effective performance in difficult applications and severe environments. The HCP's special features make it ideal for solving Heavy-Duty railcar unloading problems.

The Railside Car Shaker is a stationary installed device that can be integrated into an automated process - requiring little to no operator intervention. Available in both electric and pneumatic models.

The NAVCO® Railside Car Shaker is a permanently mounted vibration system designed to speed the loading and unloading of bulk material from railcars. It is very useful in loosening material from the walls of the rail car and can be operated from a remote location by one person.

The Overhead Car Shaker is designed to facilitate unloading of open top, bottom discharge, railcars.

Unitized exciter drive - Simply bolts to mounting base. Cardan shaft drive - No belts to replace or adjust Long service life Constructed of stress-relieved heavy steel. Rugged construction - Designed for continuous 24 hour duty. Isolation system - Reduces vibration transmitted to the drive motor.

NAVCO® can engineer and manufacture any type of vibratory table. Vibrating tables have a large variety of uses. Available with electric or pneumatic drives and in any or size, no application is too small or too big.

Tables are used for Compacting Material, Jolt Tables for powdery material, Packaging/ Densification Tables, Roller/Grid Tables (roller conveyor), Shake Test Tables, Stress screening, Durability tests
Filling or unloading and Concrete forms.

Coal fired power plants often experience build-up in coal chutes directly above feeders. To clear the chutes manually is a very labor intensive and hazardous operation. Several solutions to the problem have been tried - including vibrators mounted in a variety of different configurations. However, due to the severity of the problem and the difficulty in mounting a standard vibrator on a pipe at the flow restriction, the attempts are not always successful.
Pipe and chute vibrators provide a rigid mounting assembly to mount a vibrator to a pipe which maximizes the area of influence of the vibrator.

This provides an assembly that can easily be relocated to changing flow restrictions. Pipe Vibrators are available for any size pipe and vibrator and any application where dry bulk material is clogging a pipe. The unit is provided complete with safety cables and fasteners.

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