Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, designs, manufactures and markets weighing systems, load cells, digital weight indicators, vehicle weight recording systems, and scales for all industries, including truck scales, weigh-in-motion highway scales, railroad scales, tank//hopper scales, livestock scales, bench scales, floor scales and counting scales.

Following the acquisition of Fuller Weighing Systems and Detecto Scale Company, Cardinal Scale expanded its product line to better serve its customers.  Today, Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company is well known under the names Cardinal Scale and Detecto Scale. Cardinal is primarily known for its large-capacity scales (5,000 lbs and over) and associated information handling systems. Heavy-duty truck scales and such developments as the low-profile "Ground Hugger" and "Rail Hugger" scales are virtually synonymous with the Cardinal name. Detecto is most noted for scales with capacities under 5,000 lbs, while Fuller is known for industrial liquid filling applications.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified – What does it mean?
ISO certification is an ongoing process by which Cardinal Scale improves and monitors the design and production of their weighing systems, measures quality and places a priority on the elimination of excess motions to consistently produce a better product.

"ISO certification imparts to our customers that Cardinal Scale has enforced a rigid system of checks and balances which assure, on a daily basis, that our customers come first in our thinking," said David Perry, president of Cardinal Scale. "It is indeed a total proactive system of quality goods and services for our customers."

Cardinal Scale went "above and beyond" the ISO requirement in many areas of the system, according to their ISO registrar. These standards achieved by Cardinal Scale further substantiate the company as a globally recognized and registered supplier of weighing products.

Cardinal Scale Products offered by Gulf-Atlantic Industrial Equipment:

Truck Scales
Railway Scales
Tank & Hopper Scales
Load Cells
Digital Indicators

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